BONUS: How Ida Found Her Voice with Dr. Kate Anderson Foley & Jenifer Anderson Smith

Bonus episode of Do Well & Do Good featuring our guest from episode 054 Dr. Kate Anderson Foley as well as Jenifer Anderson Smith who are the two women behind the upcoming children’s book, Ida Finds Her Voice, which advocates inclusivity and tolerance.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign beginning May 13th, you can find it here.


About Kate & Jenifer:

Dr. Kate Anderson Foley is a special education expert with over thirty years of experience guiding public school districts and states toward equitable and integrated services for all. She has witnessed the very best and the very worst education has to offer, and her work has really been grounded in social justice and in breaking down the barriers for children who historically have been marginalized. Now as CEO of The Education Policy & Practice Group, Kate partners with local, state, and national organizations, education agencies, and various industries providing her expertise and consulting services.

Jenifer Anderson Smith lives a life committed to activism and to community service. She has worked with underprivileged teens, jumped into grassroot efforts to promote racial justice and other social causes, and helps lead the Racial Justice Group and the Havertown Community Action Network to address social ailments in a positive and proactive way.


Places to Find Kate & Jenifer:

Connect on LinkedIn – Kate Anderson Foley, PhD &

The Education Policy & Practice Group – Website

On Instagram @kafphd (Kate) @jenifer.a.smith (Jenifer)


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