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076: Homeless to Billionaire with Andres Pira

Originally from Stockholm, Andres bought a one way ticket to Thailand at the age of 20, and soon found himself homeless, sleeping on public beaches and unsure of what to do next. Fast forward to age 30 and Andres had made himself a millionaire and went on to develop a real estate development empire called Blue Horizon, which today has over 240 employees across 19 companies and is worth nearly 2 billion dollars, and he just launched his new book “Homeless to Billionaire”.

Not only has Andres amassed incredible wealth, but the way he did it speaks to me on a deep level and I am so excited for you to hear the story straight from the man himself.


Places to Find Andres:

His website.

His book on amazon.

On Instagram @andrespira.official


Show Notes:

[3:00] minute: What was life like growing up and what was the mindset around money ingrained in you while you were young?

  • Money was evil and life just happens to you.
  • Those who had money were evil.

[3:45] minute: When you were 20 years old and moved to Thailand, what prompted that move?

  • Depressed in Sweden. Dropped out of school at 14 and thought he had no future.
  • Wanted to start a new chapter in life.

[4:40] minute: What happened when you got to Thailand then?

  • Got there with $100 in pocket.
  • Saw the tropical paradise he had always wanted so he was happy right away.
  • Got a job giving out brochures for a resort in Phuket.

[5:40] minute: And at what point did you find yourself homeless?

  • One year in he was thrown out of his one room apartment because he hadn’t paid rent in four months.
  • His mindset was off. His distracted living wasn’t going to get him anywhere.

[6:15] minute: What was that experience like, getting thrown out on the streets with nowhere to go, does that shake your world?

  • It was the worst days of his life, but it was also the best thing that ever happened.

[6:40] minute: So I’ve read other places then that the story goes you called a friend back home in Sweden for advice and it changed things, tell me that story.

  • He already owed money to all the people he knew in Phuket so no one could help him.
  • He was too proud to call his family in Sweden, so instead he called a friend that didn’t have any connection to his family. That friend didn’t have money to send but said he would send a book instead.
  • Printed out the pdf of the book and it made him more angry. The book was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
  • Set out to prove the book wrong by doing everything it said thinking he would get no results, but it turned out the opposite.

[10:00] minute: For anyone who is not familiar with the book, can you give a general overview of what the book was telling you to do?

  • Visualization, controlling your mind, controlling your thoughts.
  • The two things people do wrong is they start so big and so perfect which causes your unconsciousness mind to create limiting beliefs.
  • Andres started small by visualizing a cup of coffee and two days later a man working on the beach brought him a cup of coffee.

[12:40] minute: I love that you said to start small, that you’ve got to get to the place of believing it’s possible and already done. Setting those goals so far beyond what we’ve ever done makes it incredibly hard to get ourselves on a subconscious level to a place of belief.

[13:40] minute: The question I have for you is that the push back I get when mentioning the Secret or the Law of Attraction is that people think it’s just about wishful thinking, I’m curious how did the Law of Attraction play out for you in a practical sense and where does action come in to the picture?

  • “Action is the key to any transformation” “Action creates attraction”

[14:40] minute: What did that look like for you, you went from handing out brochures to 10 years later and you’ve started creating a massive real estate empire, and I’m curious to hear it in the light of how you leveraged the Law of Attraction to get there?

  • Started to visualize himself getting a job and being in an office, and then took massive action. Asked every bar and every resort and every hotel for jobs.
  • The job was to give out real estate brochures and paid just enough to get him off the beach and into an apartment again.
  • Built himself up within that company and within real estate.

[16:30] minute: What did that path look like for you, how did your career unfold, how did you go from handing out brochures to developing properties?

  • Began getting role models inside the organization. First was the sales agents.
  • Instead of being envious and jealous, he admired them and wanted to be just like them. Copied how they walked, talked, dressed, acted, and six months later a customer walked in and approached him about purchasing a property.
  • Showed that customer two properties, which he bought one, and that created a new sales job for Andres. Used the same methods to look up to a Sales Manager and became that in one year, then to Sales Director.
  • Knew he could do it himself at that point and took the leap and went out on his own.

[19:45] minute: You mentioned growing up you had these beliefs about people who had money and what that meant about them, when did those beliefs change and how did they change?

  • Began understanding that we are creators of our reality.
  • The more money we have the more he can help others reach their goals.

[21:00] minute: This podcast is all about the way that creating success in our own lives gives us leverage to go out and have an impact on the world, so tell me how this success you’ve created in the real estate world allowed you to go out and impact other people?

  • Became successful when he started to put other people first.
  • “If I want success then I need to help other people get success”
  • Whatever you put out there and the good you do in the world comes back to you 10 fold.

[22:15] minute: You mentioned in an interview I listened to the idea of vibrational giving, can you tell me about that?

  • We are all energy beings.
  • Fill yourself with joy and happiness when you give to others, and don’t expect anything back from them. The universe will take care of you.

[23:50] minute: When people have been living in scarcity for so long it can be challenging to change that mindset, how would you advise them to start putting new mindsets in place and focus on abundance?

  • Start with small things, baby steps to build up that belief.
  • You will be wishing in the beginning, then you will believe, then you will know. Those are frequency changes that need to happen step by step.

[26:00] minute: Dorothy tells an example of this same strategy working for her when she got her first client.

[27:00] minute: You mentioned four steps, what are these four steps you are referring to?

  • We start with wishing it will happen. Then we start to hope. Then you believe. Then you know, there is no doubt.
  • The knowing is the strongest frequency without any negative side effects.

[28:00] minute: I know you just released your book, “Homeless to Billionaire”, could you tell us a little bit about it and why people should go pick it up and who it is written for?

  • Autobiography of his trials, failures, successes and everything in between.
  • Would love for people to try to prove him wrong like he had tried to do with The Secret, because the same thing that happened to him will happen to you.

[29:30] minute: Dorothy offers to buy this book for the first 5 people that reach out to her on Instagram.

[30:10] minute: What do you want to be your legacy?

  • I don’t want to be remembered as the one who built this massive real estate company and had all these wonderful things.
  • Want to be remembered as someone who changed people, who made others better, and gave others lifetime experiences.

[31:00] minute: Who has been the most impactful person on your journey to do well and achieve financial success?

  • Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and his Mother.

[31:30] minute: Who has been the most impactful person on your drive to do good and have an impact?

  • His daughter.

[31:45] minute: When you are having a bad day what do you do to get yourself out of the funk, any regular personal development practices?

  • Stop to think about all the things that make him happy, all the memories and friends and family.

[32:00] minute: What book do you find yourself recommending to people most often?

[32:15] minute: What is the best piece of advice related to happiness you’d give our listeners?

  • It is not about money, it’s about the balance of life. You need growth, health, relationships, and financial freedom. The financial part is only part of the wheel.


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