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048: Creating an International Network of Hearts with Larry Tucker

About Larry:

Co-founder and Vice President of International Network of Hearts in Mexico.

Co-owner of a Nutri-mart supplement store in San Diego.

Real-estate re-developer.

Invests in people and their future, his actions are focused on loving and helping those around him to discover the happiness and joy they deserve in life.


Places to Find Larry:

Larry Tucker on Facebook

@_LarryTucker IG

@INetworkofHearts IG

If you want to get involved with and support International Network of Hearts you can start by joining the Facebook group: End Human Trafficking with INH


Show Notes:

[2:10] minute: What was life like growing up and what got you started on the path towards real estate and business ownership?

  • His Dad was an orphan so growing up he and his siblings visited the orphanage often to help out.
  • Giving back mentality and the idea of serving others was ingrained in him.
  • Senior project in High School was to open an orphanage, which didn’t happen all the way but started and post-high school became International Network of Hearts.
  • INH began as mostly awareness campaigns. As they connected with the kids they found out the need was so great that they decided to open their first home six years ago in Rosarito, Mexico which was for girls who were victims of human trafficking. Now eight months ago they opened one for boys who are victims.
  • On the Real Estate side, he had a great professor in college who served as a mentor and got him started.

[5:30] minute: It sounds like International Network of Hearts is a realization of a life-long dream for you then?

  • Joined a Mastermind called Thrive a couple years back, and that was his real start in Entrepreneurship.
  • Learned about For Purpose businesses and that helped him put giving at the forefront.

[7:10] minute: How did you first get International Network of Hearts off the ground, where did you start?

  • Education and awareness was first, in San Diego.
  • Severity of the issue is much higher than most realize.
  • Got their first home through a program in Mexico where seized homes from the drug cartels are repurposed years later as affordable property for non-profits like an orphanage.
  • Got kicked out of their first home after it was won back by former owner.

[9:34] minute: How old are the children in these homes?

  • Youngest is 4 and oldest is 18. Have received kids as young as 2 in the past.

[10:00] minute: How are you getting connected to this children, how do they end up with your organization?

  • Built good relationships with local law enforcement, district attorney in San Diego and Tijuana where they are based.
  • Hotline for people to make reports, which in some areas is more preferred than working through local law enforcement.
  • From Child Protective Services and non-profits that are doing similar things to help these kids in need.

[14:00] minute: How has the success you’ve had in your career as an entrepreneur fed your ability to do this work that you are doing with International Network of Hearts?

  • Funding was always so hard in the first few years, but things took off once he began looking at ways to leverage his entrepreneurial career to impact the organization.
  • Started a real estate business and opened a nutrition store, both of which give substantial portions of their income to International Network of Hearts.
  • Mastermind group and community was a massive boost for him.
  • Now working on the level of thinking about taking their program and being able to scale it on a more global platform.

[18:40] minute: Tell me more about this idea of investing in yourself, investing in your own growth, how does that fit into your life as an entrepreneur and your life as a human being?

  • First time he invested in himself was the Thrive Mastermind. He had known about it from their event a few years prior where he decided to save to be a part of the mastermind.
  • Costs seemed high, but the returns are infinite on what you learn and the relationships you build.
  • Shortcut to industry leaders if you just bring good energy and genuinely want to offer something to the group.

[22:50] minute: Why is real estate development something you are so passionate about?

  • Loves seeing the transformation.
  • Leveraged his network early on to get things started.

[25:40] minute: For those who might be interested in real estate investment, what would be your tips for getting started?

  • Lot of really good courses to learn from, and would recommend them to if nothing else learn that real estate language and learn about the process.
  • Be ok with the fact you don’t know every single thing before you get started. You learn by experience. Go for it, and treat it like you have nothing to lose.
  • Keep the emotional aspects and business aspects separate.
  • Networking has been his most important tool.

[29:00] minute: Someone who does have a vision of how they want to help the world, what are the first steps and advice you’d give someone wanting to start a non-profit?

  • Non-profits are not profitable; having a plan for that was key.
  • Work with your “competition” because the big issues you’d want to go after take collaboration.

[31:15] minute: Who has been the most impactful person in your journey to do well and achieve financial success?

  • His Mother.

[31:40] minute: Who has been the most impactful person in your journey to do good and have a big impact on the world?

  • His friends in his Mastermind that he sees making a big impact.
  • Thrive conference coming up in April.

[32:25] minute: When you are having a bad day do you have any personal development practices you’ve been doing to get you out of that funk?

  • Hot yoga and/or sensory deprivation tanks. It’s an hour in his day without his cellphone or distractions where he can just meditate and be present.
  • Disconnect from all the over stimulation of the world and escape and be with your thoughts.

[34:35] minute: What is one book you find yourself recommending most often?

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • One of the biggest impacts on him, especially the idea of loving people like a dog. “It’s so true, dogs really don’t serve any purpose other than giving you love, and they get all their food taken care of, their water, shelter, like we take care of them so much and give them everything just because they give us love. So it’s like, when you give someone love like that that will take you really far.”

[35:00] minute: What is the best piece of advice related to happiness that you’d give our listeners?

  • Zero expectations and be grateful for everything.
  • “I don’t have any expectations which allows me to not get let down and just making the most out of everything. I try to start every single day in gratitude so just being grateful for the smallest little things that you can possibly be grateful for has kept me in a pretty constant state of happiness and positivity.”
  • Do things that make you happy and surround yourself with the right people.

[36:15] minute: Who will be your DWDG Nominee?

  • International Network of Hearts
  • Story of one of the first girls he ever got when they started their first home.


Do Well & Do Good Challenge Nominee:

International Network of Hearts | website | donate

“Who we are: Founded in 2010, INH is a 501 c-3 non-profit organization based in San Diego that grew out of concerns about human trafficking circuits operating between the U.S.-Mexico border, the busiest international land crossing in the world.

We bring communities and governments together to help rescue women and children from human trafficking and sexual violence. Our leadership includes a dynamic team with more than 15 years of experience managing human trafficking cases in the U.S. and in Mexico. Our membership consists of moms and dads, students, professionals, governmental and non-governmental organizations, law enforcement, and academic institutions who collectively form an international network of hearts committed to bringing hope, safety and empowerment to survivors of human trafficking and sexual violence.

Our Mission: To restore the lives of survivors of human trafficking and sexual violence, and prevent commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor through increased awareness, training, advocacy and collaboration at an interdisciplinary and international level.

Our Vision: A world where women and children are valued, protected from violence and exploitation and their human rights are defended.”


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