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045: Leadership Lessons From the Rugby Pitch with Clarence Picard

About the Episode:

Today’s minisode features a conversation Dorothy had with her older Brother about leadership.

Clarence Picard is in his 13th season coaching Rugby at St. Bonaventure, spending 10 years with the Men’s team and now in his third season as head coach of the Women’s team. Being in a leadership role like this for so long has taught him many valuable lessons that he is here to share.

Show Notes:

Dorothy ([2:20] minute): As a coach you are interested in your players success on the pitch, but I know how interested you are in their lives beyond Rugby. Great leadership doesn’t discriminate. What makes a leader effective in motivating a team of people to accomplish a shared goal?

  • Shared vision are the key words.
  • Clear communication of what you are all striving for and what everyone’s roles in that pursuit are.
  • Camaraderie and buy in from all.

Dorothy ([4:45] minute): Is getting everyone to buy in something that comes from the players or is that the responsibility of the leader?

  • Like respect, it isn’t something you can instantly demand, you have to build it up over time.
  • Leaders create other leaders to all move the mission forward.

Dorothy ([6:00] minute): A really good leader can cater their style to those they are working with. Having spent a decade coaching men and then switching over to the Women’s team, has there been a noticeable difference in how you show up as a coach for this new team?

  • Fortunate to coach college age people regardless, as that is such a transformative time for them and you can have a great impact.
  • His best lesson has been to learn and understand why each woman wants to be a part of the team and why they want to play. Those reasons help figure out how to motivate and lead those individuals.

Dorothy ([11:30] minute): The job of a leader is then two-fold, to help press forward and accomplish that stated goal, but also to show those on your team their power to impact change and make a difference.

  • Being a leader isn’t automatically good. There are good and bad leaders. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be a positive and good leader.
  • College athletics isn’t a place to get away from the classroom or the learning, it is a part of it, it is a place to learn and a setting to communicate with each other and overcome challenges together.

Dorothy ([13:20] minute): There are also good teammates and bad teammates, which can cause conflict. When there is negativity or discord amongst the team how do you as a leader go about resolving that?

  • Having the tough conversations.
  • Can’t let negativity fester, have to face it right away and have those conversations to begin the process of coming to terms and moving forward positively.
  • Going through that adversity makes you stronger and teaches you how to work together to gain the results.

Dorothy ([16:45] minute): Being comfortable with the uncomfortable is crucial. Empathy goes a long ways.

  • All of us have the ability to change someone’s life, you don’t have to be in a certain position to be a leader.
  • Tell the ones you love that you love them, and tell the ones you care about that you care about them.

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