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043: The Society For Recovering Doormats

Dorothy is a lifelong habitual people-pleaser, which has turned out to be a problem more often than you might. While being nice and accommodating to friends and colleagues is one thing, it doesn’t help anyone if your boundaries are so minimal that you end up selflessly bending over backwards for people who prefer to walk all over you. Boundaries reflect our own values, and setting them respectfully can completely transform our lives and boost our self-esteem.

In this minisode, Dorothy discusses how to set boundaries in a kind and non-judgmental manner and how she’s consequently been able to restructure her personal and professional interactions for the better.


Show Notes:

  • How boundary-setting was a game-changer for Dorothy in 2018.
  • Why it’s important to set conversation limits with overly negative friends.
  • The firm communications guidelines Dorothy established with her clients.
  • Pushing against the instinct to text back immediately.
  • Saying “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry.”




If you’re a fellow recovering doormat and want to talk about your experiences setting boundaries, Dorothy invites you to send her a DM on Instagram @dorothyillson!

About the author, Dorothy

Dorothy Illson is the founder of Needle's Eye Media, a full-service Facebook advertising agency. She's also the host of Do Well & Do Good, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of people who have created financial success and leveraged it to increase their positive impact on the world.

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