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037: How To Conduct Your Personal Year End Review

Before you dive into your New Year’s resolutions for 2019, it’s a good idea to spend at least a little while reflecting on the resolutions you made for 2018 and how successfully you were able to follow through on them. Chances are, you may not have stuck through with all of them 100%—and that’s okay! Some resolutions require more intensive planning and commitment than others, plus life has a tendency to intrude when you least want it to. Remember that with every mistake or lapse comes an opportunity to learn.

So for this final minisode of 2018, Dorothy reflects on some of the setbacks she ran into with her resolutions this year, five questions you can ask yourself to figure out what happened with your own goals, and another invitation to have Dorothy hold you accountable for your upcoming 2019 plans.


Show Notes:

  • How Dorothy fell short of one of her own major goals and the constructive advice her coach offered.
  • Why it’s helpful to have more than one metric to measure the “success” or “failure” of your resolutions.
  • The importance of doing these year-end reviews, painful as they can be.
  • The positives Dorothy is taking away from a big shift in her family this year.
  • Five goalkeeping questions you can ask yourself:
    • What were your three biggest wins this year?
    • What were the three biggest lessons you learned this year?
    • What are three things you are grateful for this year?
    • How did the biggest challenge you face this year actually benefit you?
    • What is one personal quality you developed the most this year?


If you would like Dorothy to hold you accountable for your 2019 resolutions, Dorothy invites you to DM her on Instagram @dorothyillson!

About the author, Dorothy

Dorothy Illson is the founder of Needle's Eye Media, a full-service Facebook advertising agency. She's also the host of Do Well & Do Good, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of people who have created financial success and leveraged it to increase their positive impact on the world.

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