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036: Building a Billion Dollar Body with Nicholas Bayerle

Nicholas Bayerle is an international speaker, podcast host and CEO of the Billion Dollar Body lifestyle brand, which is aimed at businessmen who want to have it all. Nicholas has not always been successful, with he and his wife living in run-down low-income housing only a few years ago. But through personal improvement and sheer determination, he was able to go from overweight and broke to fit, financially successful and able to give back.

In this episode, Nicholas discusses how his early successes led to a significant personal setback, how he was able to pick himself up time and time again following numerous professional and financial difficulties, and why his Billion Dollar Body brand caters specifically to men.


Show Notes:

  • What beliefs about money did Nicholas’ family and early life instill in him?
    • His father told him that no matter how bad things got, as long as he could cut grass and use a weed trimmer there would always be a way to make money.
    • He realized that everybody has weaknesses, even rich and successful people, and it’s only pressure that exposes those weaknesses.
    • Value to Nicholas is being able to solve problems for more people.
    • He was never afraid of trying things because he could always go back to helping people for money.
    • Problematically, this meant he really only knew how to fight when his back was too the wall; he had to change his mindset to run toward his goals.
  • Why has Nicholas always been so success-oriented?
    • Learned to ride his bike without training wheels from a very young age, his dad reasoning that training wheels don’t actually improve balance.
    • Became the youngest kid in the world to ever race bicycles, later graduating to motocross bikes.
    • He wanted to go pro, but his dad told him that there was no way he could be the best in the world; in time, Nicholas realized that always aiming to be the best would mean that there would always be people looking to one-up him.
    • However this did cause a period of estrangement between Nicholas and his dad, also affecting his weight, grades and social life; realized that life could change in a moment.
  • What was the turning point for Nicholas?
    • Was inspired by a conversation with a man who always had fresh fruit on hand and did so because he was training to be a boxer.
    • Realized it was more than just eating to look well; it’s about eating to perform well.
    • He took action and lost 53 pounds in six months without working out at all; weight loss was entirely from nutrition.
    • Ended up rekindling his relationship with his dad as well.
    • By sharing everything about himself openly, he realized there was nothing anybody could use against him.
  • What allowed this lifestyle change to stick for him?
    • Commitment is so key; but it’s far easier to commit to other people than yourself.
    • True commitment is still following through with a plan after the initial rush is gone.
    • Inspired by his Navy Seal mentor, who injured himself during a workout but still pushed through to the end because he had committed to that routine.
    • Make a decision, follow through on it, and then afterward figure out if you want to do it again.
  • How did Nicholas launch his Three-Dimensional Businessman program?
    • While he had been able to turn around his physical health and social life, he was still broke.
    • After getting married, he went into business. He was actually very successful at first, but then his health took a dive, or his marriage became tense. Had trouble managing all three at the same time.
    • Lost this first business and had to work as a carpet cleaner under his father. Was very broke at this time.
    • He was suffering from a lottery mindset, that he would suddenly get lucky and be awarded with success. Realized that he had given up responsibility for his own destiny.
    • When he found out he and his wife were going to lose their house, he concluded that only he could turn his life around; he sold what he didn’t need and gave up every non-essential hobby to maximize the money he had.
    • Resolved to work until 10PM every day to make the income he needed.
    • He and his wife took a risky, expensive business course—especially risky after his dad got in a serious accident—and he almost backed out at the last moment. The resulting mindset shift vastly improved their success.
  • What inspired Nicholas to make a brand for men specifically ?
    • Billion Dollar Body refers not only to your own physical body but a body of like-minded individuals looking to achieve success; your chances of success increase when working together, but you need to be able to depend on yourself in the first place.
    • He works with men because he generally prefers the company of men, and also because his female coaching clients were largely talking about their husbands’ difficulties.
    • Creating a powerful vision can generate a powerful community around it; people want to participate.
    • The next step is divining a message from your own personal failures and difficulties.
    • Nicholas invites any interested man listening to take on the 30 Day Challenge that Billion Dollar Body offers.
  • Does Nicholas teach giving back as part of the Billion Dollar Brotherhood?
    • Giving back is actually a prerequisite for joining; clients need to be part of a business or organization that tangibly gives back in some way.
    • The idea is to attack the root of the problem so hard and effectively that you could conceivably make your business redundant doing so.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in Nicholas’ journey to do well and achieve financial success?
    • His wife and Jesus.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in Nicholas’ drive to do good?
    • His Navy Seal mentor.
  • When Nicholas is having a bad day, what does he do to get himself into a more constructive headspace?
    • He accepts responsibility, accepts his reality, and figures out how to improve his mindset even in the slightest degree.
    • He learned from Jim Quick that you need to eat healthy to feel right and avoid people who stand in the way of you feeling and performing better.
  • What book does Nicholas recommend to those seeking a more successful path in life?
    • The Bible, touting Jesus’ influence.
  • What is the best piece of advice related to happiness that Nicholas would give our listeners?
    • Focus on getting closer to the idealized self you want to become.
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