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006: The Journey To Self-Love with Laura Gray

The Journey To Self-Love with Laura Gray

Laura Gray is the director of client services and business development at Maloney + Novotny LLC, a leading accounting firm based out of Cleveland. She is also the founder and executive director of IPride, a self-esteem program for youth that focuses on meditation, mindfulness and creative expression, as well as a published author and mother of three sons. Laura driving principle is “Who can I help today?”, drawing on painful and traumatic past experiences to help others love themselves and be the best and most generous people they can possibly be.

Show Notes:

  • What is Laura most excited about right now?
    • Life in general, and the energy she feels in her professional and non-profit work.
  • What was Laura’s first step in her career?
    • Working in marketing for the United Way in Cleveland, which introduced her to non-profits and compelled Laura to work to help others.
  • How did she transition from non-profit United Way to the for-profit private sector?
    • General Electric recruited her through the United Way campaign she was working on for them.
  • Did Laura know she was going to return to the world of non-profit organizations?
    • She did not have any plan, but it was destined to happen because of her innate drive to help others.
  • What was the most challenging part of restarting her career following a period of temporary retirement?
    • Getting hired in the first place and establishing trusting, working relationships
  • How does Laura’s “Who can I help today?” philosophy manifest in her regular interactions?
    • Thinking of ways to serve or be of service to others.
    • Hear her talk about how one good deed came back around to help her later.
  • How did IPride come to be?
    • Laura drew on her prolonged, horrific experience with abuse as a child .
    • Took up activities and participated in programs that allowed her to build up physical and emotional self-esteem, and wanted to bring the joy they brought her to others.
    • Created a program that embraces fun.
  • What is Laura’s advice to those looking to heal from trauma and love themselves?
    • Don’t try to diminish your pain by comparing it to someone else who has endured “more.” Everybody’s pain is equally valid and real.
    • Journaling and meditation help a lot.
  • How does IPride operate?
    • Starting off with establishing calm and mindfulness, then moving to physical fitness and art therapy.
    • Children learn how to visualize and present their inner thoughts and ideas.
  • What was the most challenging part of getting IPride off the ground?
    • How personal a project it was to her.
  • What is Laura’s advice for those looking to start their own non-profit?
    • To do it, but also listen to your heart to figure out the best time.
    • Make use of the networks and connections available to you.
  • Who has been the most impactful person in Laura’s journey to do well and succeed professionally?
    • Her father.
  • Who has been the most important person in feeding her drive to do good and make an impact?
    • Her mother.
  • What does she do to get herself out of a negative headspace?
    • Singing and dancing (Michael Jackson helps a lot).
  • What book does Laura find herself recommending to people most often?
  • What is the best piece of advice Laura would like to hand off to our listeners?
    • Best: Be humble

Do Well & Do Good Challenge Nomination:

“IPride is a self-esteem building program for youth with an emphasis on creative thought/expression and basic physical fitness. IPride is comprised of 2 sessions: IPride Write and IPride Fit.”

About IPride

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About the author, Dorothy

Dorothy Illson is the founder of Needle's Eye Media, a full-service Facebook advertising agency. She's also the host of Do Well & Do Good, a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of people who have created financial success and leveraged it to increase their positive impact on the world.

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  1. Heidi Skok on 07/30/2018 at 5:38 PM

    Wonderful wonderful!!!! I am the Founder of the opera company that she mentions. Laura made a huge impact on our singers. Singers believe they have to be negative because the business has made them so. She brought a new view and challenge to our singers: no. We don’t have to e negative. We can live from a positive standpoint and be helpers not only to ourselves but to the world. Bravo Laura! We love you and look forward to welcoming you back.

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