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The Podcast

Do Well & Do Good is founded on the belief that human beings have a fundamental need for contribution. At the end of the day, most of us have the desire to make an impact...
To help other people, to champion causes we care about, and to know that our existence in the world has meant something.
As entrepreneurs and business-people, we also strive for personal success. For many of us that means financial freedom and time freedom, worthy goals in and of themselves.
This podcast exists to tell the motivating stories of men and women who have achieved both - people who do well AND do good.
Through sharing these stories, it is my goal to inspire a generation of individuals to create their own success, to soar to new heights of personal & professional achievement, and to power positivity in a way that lights their souls on fire.


So who am I?

I’m Dorothy Illson, the founder and host of Do Well & Do Good.  
I started my first business at the age of 6. At that time, I wanted nothing more than to have a dog. My parents, however, steadfastly refused. So, determined to get my fix, I started walking around my neighborhood and knocking on doors. That was the start of Dorothy’s Dog Walking Service.
By 7 years old I had business cards and registration forms. Mind you, I hadn’t yet figured out monetization... it remained a free service until I finally closed up shop at the age of 12.
Fast forward to 2012. It was the fall of my senior year at Miami University of Ohio, and I had just accepted a job offer at the Chicago office of PricewaterhouseCoopers to begin my career as an accountant.
I have always been financially motivated, so my decision to go into accounting was centered around the expectation that it would create the financial success I desired.
I didn’t know it then, but all of my well-laid plans were about to be upended. I was introduced to a Direct Sales business. My experience with that business was short-lived, but it had one life-changing consequence: I was introduced to personal development.
Suddenly my well-laid plans didn’t seem so attractive. Would a career in accounting actually make me happy? Would it leave me fulfilled? It seemed unlikely. Further, I realized if I wanted to truly feed my ambition and achieve massive financial freedom, I needed to follow a different path.
I called up PwC two weeks after graduation to tell them I wasn’t coming. I moved to Chicago anyway, and through a string of fortunate events I ended up landing a job at a very early stage startup.
The founder of that business became a beloved mentor, I grew addicted to the fast pace and excitement of building something new, and before long the dormant entrepreneurial drive inside of me grew to become undeniably front and center.
At the end of 2016 I realized it was time to move on to my next venture and I found the courage to take my first true entrepreneurial leap.
I founded Needle’s Eye Media, a Facebook advertising agency, in early 2017. Through that business I achieved new levels of financial success, however I have struggled to find the deeper purpose in my path. I know that many of my peers feel the same.
This drive to find greater meaning in my life and to make a difference is what inspired the creation of the Do Well & Do Good podcast.
I aim to share the stories of men and women who have created personal success and then leveraged it to power positivity in the world.
It is my hope that these stories can motivate you to push your personal achievements to new heights. From there, may they inspire you to feed your human need for contribution by being a force for good in whatever way is most meaningful to you..